2015-11-01 00:59:38 by TLOSpyrogirl

(Thanks to ChanTheGamerMan for scouting me. ^^)

I'm only going to post a few samples from my Deviantart here. If you like my art then please watch me there. I do a variety of pixel art styles and I'm developing my digital art skills. I also post stories and Minecraft creations occasionally. 

If you're interested, I take free requests all the time, but be warned that I'm slow about it.

...Click on it anyway? pwease? I promise it's not as horribly stretched and mangled as the preview makes it look. I spent three hours on poor Pixel Nagisa and now people are going to look at the preview and think I'm an 11-year-old who flailed around on Paint for a couple minutes then got my hands on the transform tool. :c

TLO arted?! o.o

2014-07-08 18:41:16 by TLOSpyrogirl

So I made art of Maria from Sonic. Go check it out if you want to, and critique if you find any problems. It is my first serious work of art ever after all... xD And now I only have three more pieces of art until I can get in the art portal! That'll only take a year! :D

Wow. I managed to get through a news post without rambling. I always freaking ramble whenever I talk about anything. Like seriously, I'll be on one tangent and go off a complete other thing without even knowing, and one block of text later I'll realize that what I'm talking about now has nothing to do with what I was talking about before. xD

*looks up* ...Crap.


2014-05-16 16:38:58 by TLOSpyrogirl

Is sacrifice always the right choice to make? Some people say it's noble... it's right... to give up what you love to keep it safe. But what if that sacrifice hurts other people too, not just yourself? Is it right to hurt many for the needs of few? What if there was something you could have done to keep that person and you safe without hurting anyone else?

Are you really doing the right thing? Or are you just... afraid?

So, um, hi. I'm Toodles. The site told me to make a news post, so I'm making one.  Yay. So, um... About me, about me... I spent like four hours on my avatar. It's not that great, I know, but if you saw my other art attempts you'd probably be moved to tears by its comparative beauty. 

Anyway, er, if you read my profile you'll see that I like video games, anime, art, and writing. I guess we have art covered, so video games.

I like RPGs. Elder Scrolls, Zelda, stuff like that. I also really enjoy creation games like Minecraft, Sims, and LittleBigPlanet. Basically if it has a level editor, I'm all over it! xD I have a Gamecube, a 360, and a 3DS. About half of my day is spent playing games, so yeah... I'm kind of addicted. Finally, as you can tell by my username, I am all about Spyro. Except Skylanders. *glare*

Anime... Well, again if you read my profile, you can see I love Clannad. Understatement of the century? Yes. xD Besides that I've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender (no Korra yet, sadly), Elfen Lied, Black Butler, part of Wolf's Rain, the first few episodes of Another, Kanon, and... that's about it. Anime style is what got me into art, actually. It's the only style I can do without totally butchering it. -_-

And, finally, writing. I write Spyro fanfiction, and lots of it. Look at my FFN profile if you want. I can't update due to... personal issues, but hopefully I'll be able to start writing again soon.

Also, if you're wondering how I'm going to contribute to this site, maybe I'll post art or something, once I can actually draw full pictures with backgrounds and everything. I don't have Flash nor do I know how to use it, so that's out of the question. I really only signed up so I could post Skincraft skins honestly, but I mean, I spent four hours on that avatar. I may as well stick around. xD


See you all later, shoot me a PM or something if you want. As soon as I figure out where my inbox i--oh, found it. Derp. xD


(Oh, and one more ramble. I really hope this is like a facebook wall thing on my profile, and there's not some giant site-wide news wall where everyone can see my noobish post, or I will be completely mortified. ._.)